IBM Releases The Smallest Computer

How small is the size of an intact computer collapsible? IBM, this week, introduced a computer that is claimed to be the smallest in the world. The size is only 1x1 mm, smaller than the grain of rice or even salt though.

Although tiny, the device is complete consisting of processors, memory, and communication units embedded in a special motherboard. Computing power is comparable to x86 desktop computers from the 1990s.

It's power is not as big as today's mobile chips, let alone modern desktop computers. However, it is intended for different purposes, namely tracking authenticity and delivery on the basis of distributed ledger technology. jual mesin antrian murah Distributed ledger is a recording of decentralized transactions that are used as the basis of cryptocurrency technology alias virtual currency.

In the case of this delivery, IBM's tiny computer could function as a kind of "digital watermark" embedded in the goods to prevent counterfeiting and misuse in the l…